Matrix Medical Network Salutes Frontline Caregivers During Extended Nurses Month

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, recognizing selfless contributions of nurses is more important than ever

The American Nursing Association recently extended the traditional National Nurses Week to a month of recognition in May to provide the opportunity to continue to elevate the nursing profession. While Nurses Week is always a cause for celebration of healthcare’s frontline caregivers, this year it has taken on special meaning during the extended month long recognition. It is taking place while the U.S. is deep in the throes of battling the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, which is having a devastating health and economic toll on the country.

“Nurses hold a wonderful contradiction: to be able to walk alongside another person during their moments of vulnerability requires a special type of selflessness and strength,” said Keith Henthorne, Chairman and CEO of Matrix. “Our nurses demonstrate this selflessness and strength daily, but especially during this COVID-19 crisis. The bravery, commitment and willingness to be on the front line of care is to be admired and celebrated.”

In normal times, Matrix’s extensive network of nurses visit patients in their homes or neighborhoods to deliver a breadth of high-quality clinical services to many who may be otherwise disconnected from the healthcare system. Matrix nurses also expend a great deal of their effort on patient activation to ensure health plan members become and remain engaged in their own care.

Since social distancing requirements have caused Matrix to reduce the number of face-to-face contacts its nurses are making to help flatten the curve on the spread of COVID-19, they are expanding their use of telehealth to ensure member needs are met without the risks inherent in direct contact.

Another way Matrix is addressing the pandemic and helping re-open the economy is by deploying its fleet of mobile clinics to help protect employees and create additional healthcare access to those working at essential distribution centers and food manufacturing facilities like Tyson Foods. Once again, Matrix’s nurses are on the front lines to provide an extra benefit that can bring peace-of-mind to employees as they return to work.

“There has been so much well-deserved focus on the extraordinary contributions of nurses during this pandemic,” Henthorne said. “I would like to recognize all nurses and I want you to know we are grateful for everything you do to make a difference in the lives of others and for your faithful and diligent service.”

Nurses rarely receive the credit they deserve for all they do. This year COVID-19 has made them more visible, but in reality, they are doing the same things they do every day of every year. We encourage everyone to take a few moments to think about their contributions, send them a note, write an encouraging post on social media, and generally give a shout-out to all the nurses who make the American healthcare system work.

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