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We empower people to live their best lives.

Bringing the highest quality care to people wherever they call home.

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The Matrix difference

We deliver exceptional personalized care that improves health, lowers care costs and empowers people to live their best lives.

In Home Expertise

We deliver care to people, wherever they call home.

Whole Person Care

We see health in all its dimensions.

Clinician Led

Our clinicians lead the way with a shared mission to improve lives.

Quality & Accuracy

Our unyielding commitment to doing the right thing ensures the best outcomes for all.

Who we serve

We believe that all people deserve the best care.

As the only independent, at scale provider of in-home assessments across our nation, Matrix cares for Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, and Commercial beneficiaries where they’re most comfortable: in their homes and via virtual visits. We conduct comprehensive health assessments focused on the core pillars of health unique to each individual: physical, emotional, spiritual and social. Our clinicians document everything they see and diagnose chronic, acute, transient and emergent conditions. Acting as a bridge to care, we connect patients to the resources and support they need. No matter how long it takes, we make sure that the people we see are in a better place when we leave than when we walked through their door.

For Partners

We are an extension of your business in people’s homes. Together we’ll develop proven solutions designed to improve patient care and health outcomes.

For Clinicians & Providers

Do your best work. Our clinician-led model gives you autonomy to bring personalized life-saving care to people in need.

For Patients & Caregivers

We support, educate and care for people on their journey toward better health.

Personalized care

The gold standard for in-home assessments

At Matrix, we conduct comprehensive health assessments focused on whole-person care, spending on average 45-60min with patients — sometimes longer. In partnership with their health plan, we provide care in the convenience of a patient’s home or on a video call. Following a clinician-led model, our shared goal during these assessments is to see health in all its dimensions — physical, emotional, spiritual, and social — while taking notice of medical and social gaps in care. We note and address incompatibilities between care plans and an individual’s lifestyle or environment and follow up with next steps to ensure each and every patient is supported on their journey toward better health.

Meeting Members Wherever They Are

The care we deliver is personalized and guided by what is most impactful for each patient.

Whole-Person Care

We empower people to take charge of their health. Our comprehensive visits include diagnostic testing, risk identification, medication management, and tailored lifestyle improvement plans. We prioritize preventative health education and provide techniques for better control of acute and chronic conditions, leading to improved outcomes.

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Building better health, together

Because we pioneered the first national in-home clinical network, Matrix is trusted to show up professionally and engage with patients in a meaningful way. From quality and accuracy to our whole-person care approach to individuals, we act as an extension of our partners’ business. As a bridge between care teams, insurers, support, and resources, we advocate for people to get the care they need, and our unyielding commitment to doing the right thing ensures the best outcomes for all.

We’re Matrix. And we’re committed to caring for people no matter who they are or where they call home.

Your Trusted Partner


  • You saved my life. It’s that simple. I had a 95% blockage in my carotid artery and you found it. If you were not as good as you are, my outcome could have been very different. I had a procedure last week and I am now recovering well.

    Marla S.

  • I was having one of the most down days because I was bed-bound. You walked in, and I never knew when the assessment began and when it ended because you were so friendly and kind to me. It was as if a friend had entered my home. You made my whole world change because of the sunshine you brought into my world.

    Ann P.

  • My doctor told me that the irregular heartbeat your Nurse detected needs to be watched very closely for a patient my age. I am so appreciative that you caught what he did not. My doctor is going to be keeping a closer watch on me now. My doctor was also very impressed with Matrix as well and he’s never impressed.

    Michael C.


    Working to Create A Healthier Future

    Matrix Medical Network Reaffirms Its Commitment to Whole Person Care

    Leader In Delivering Highest Quality, Home-Based Health and Care Services Makes Significant Investments to Advance Patient and Provider Experience, Improve Engagement and Enhance Health Outcomes

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    Seeing Health in All Its Dimensions: Matrix Medical Network Hosts Whole Person Care Panel Discussion

    During a recent panel discussion at the RISE National Conference, Matrix Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mike Cantor moderated a thought-provoking panel discussion focused on the topic of whole person care and the impact of Medicare Advantage trends on healthcare.

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    Matrix Medical Network Elevates Patient Engagement in Partnership with Linkwell Health

    Leaders in Home-Based Health and Care Services and in Healthcare Consumer Engagement Partner to Ensure People Receive the Care They Need, Wherever They Call Home.

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    Matrix Medical Network Selects Carenet Health to Enhance and Personalize Member Outreach

    Leader in Home-Based Health and Care Services Aligns with Leading Healthcare Engagement Company to Facilitate Member Access to Essential Health and Care Support

    Matrix Medical Network and Linkwell Health Win Prestigious Aster Awards for Patient Education Solution

    We’re honored to receive two Aster awards recognizing excellence and innovation in healthcare communications. Our omnichannel member engagement journeys support every individual on their journey toward better health, and we’re excited to be recognized for our commitment to providing whole-person care.

    Matrix Medical Network introduces step change in Medical Diagnostic Coding as it onboards evaire, ECLAT’s Health Solutions’ NLP/AI-Powered Platform

    Leader in delivering high quality, home-based health and care services, announced its strategic partnership with ECLAT Health Solutions, an innovator in healthcare technology, offering the industry-leading evaire risk adjustment coding platform.

    The Power of In-Home Care: A Key to Whole-Person Health

    Matrix Medical Network CEO, Catherine Tabaka, recently joined Becker’s Healthcare for a conversation around whole-person care, and how the company delivers that care by assessing patients’ health in all its dimensions, including physical, emotional, spiritual and social, which can improve outcomes and health equity.

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    At Matrix, all our experts, both clinical and non-clinical, work together to ensure seamless, high-quality experiences and outcomes for our client partners and their members.