Matrix Clinical Trials Announces Collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific

I am pleased to share that Matrix Clinical Trials and Thermo Fisher Scientific have announced a collaboration to bring clinical trials to patients with innovative decentralized clinical trial solutions. We have been working together since the beginning of the pandemic, using our mobile research sites and expert clinical staff as a critical component of advancing COVID treatments and vaccines, and diversifying clinical trial participant populations.

I’ve seen firsthand that these innovative offerings provide a growing benefit across varying therapeutic areas to reach underserved and diverse trial populations. Our collaboration with the PPD digital and decentralized solutions of Thermo Fisher Scientific strongly aligns with both organizations’ vision of advancing lifesaving clinical research and improving health outcomes for study participants via the application of decentralized solutions.

Matrix’s network of skilled clinicians, virtual principal investigators, and state-of-the-art Mobile Health Clinics enable us to provide robust care services via home visits, on-site support at medical facilities, virtual visits, and mobile sites. Thermo Fisher will be able to expand its PPD clinical research services to help identify, recruit, and retain trial participants while ensuring a positive patient experience.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for this collaboration and for Matrix Clinical Trials!

– Thad Wolfram, President of Matrix Clinical Trials