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Helping save lives with at-home diagnostics

Stories of Wellness Inspired by a Comprehensive Health Assessment: Helping save lives with at-home diagnostics

We are often told what makes Matrix different is our compassionate care and conversational approach. It is what we strive to offer but it is also who our clinicians are – down-to-earth and passionate about helping people maintain their health and wellness.

And so part of what our clinicians appreciate when conducting Matrix’s Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA), is it affords them the time in private home environments to give members the undivided attention they deserve to discuss their health and address any social determinants of health (SDOH) factors that may be impacting their quality of life.

 One of our nurse practitioners (NP) conducted a CHA for a health plan member who said she hadn’t been feeling well for about a year. She had been experiencing lower leg discomfort and pain, but nothing had been discovered or diagnosed during routine check-ups.

Based on her symptoms, in addition to conducting the overall CHA health and safety review, the NP decided to also administer Matrix’s at-home PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease) test. The test results, which come back immediately, revealed the member did in fact have a diagnosis of PAD. PAD is a leading cause of amputations and individuals with the condition experience a decrease in quality of life due to the severe leg pain it causes. However, by identifying the disease, treatment can start, and long-term complications can potentially be prevented.

The NP facilitated a follow-up discussion between the member and her PCP, and from there she was referred for vascular surgery. Soon after, she had bilateral lower extremity stents placed.

The health plan member shared: “That young man saved my life. I am feeling much better and am happy that I agreed to have a wellness visit.”

The Matrix nurse practitioner shared: “After completing well over five thousand CHA visits within the past ten years, this visit gave me such a warm affirmation that we are saving lives!”

During a CHA, our clinicians review members’ health and safety and identify and close care gaps. In 2021, over 16,000 CHA visits required urgent escalation to the member’s PCP. We are grateful for our clinicians located across the country doing what they do with kindness and expertise. Wellness visits are invaluable, particularly for preventive care.” – Ryan Heyborne, MD, MBA, FACEP, Matrix Chief Medical Officer.

Helping Members Stay Connected to Their PCPs for Better Health

The Importance of Healthcare System Collaboration: Helping Members Stay Connected to Their PCPs for Better Health

By Ryan Heyborne, MD, MBA, FACEP, Matrix Chief Medical Officer

During our Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA), we review members’ health and safety and help identify and close care gaps to ensure they continue to get the best care possible based on their needs.

However, another important goal of the CHA is to empower members to proactively manage their own health, and in doing so, maintain a consistent relationship with a primary care provider (PCP).

What we tell the members we serve is that our CHA does not replace the relationships they have with the trusted medical professionals in their life. It augments them by providing access to an extra health check in – in the comfort of their home.


Ensuring continuum of care through collaboration

The CHA is an annual in-depth, in-home visit made available to members by their health plans. It serves as a conduit between PCP appointments to help ensure members are maintaining their best health and any ongoing support they need is being addressed. For our clinicians, this can range from identifying a serious health condition that needs immediate attention to simply offering recommendations to community resources.

For many urgent unmet needs or elevated test results, we call the PCP, so they have the information to follow-up with the member accordingly. When the CHA visit is complete, we send a health status report to both the health plan provider and PCP. And, for members that don’t have a PCP, we make a care management referral and collaborate with their insurance provider to ensure one is established in their area.


Educating members on the value of health maintenance

Offering a more personal in-home health visit is another opportunity to educate members on the importance of taking care of their health and reminds and motivates them to stay connected with their PCPs. And we are seeing they do.

Based on a recent evaluation Matrix conducted, after receiving a CHA, 48 percent of members followed up with a PCP visit within 30 days, 68 percent within 60 days, 78 percent within 90 days, and 84 percent within 120 days. And, of the members who responded to our customer satisfaction survey to date, 96 percent replied “yes” when asked: “Was the visit of overall benefit to you?”.


Providing in-home health points members back to their PCPs

Members often say to us: I have great care, but I really appreciate your second set of eyes.

On behalf of the PCPs responsible for ensuring members stay in their best health and have access to the right care, our clinicians visit members in their homes, sit in their living rooms, and not only evaluate their health and safety but reinforce how much it matters.

It’s a collaborative relationship critical to every member’s health journey.

Learn more about Matrix’s Comprehensive Health Assessments.

Giving members the experience they deserve: empathy and trust

Giving members the experience they deserve: empathy and trust

By Ryan Heyborne, MD, MBA, FACEP, Matrix Chief Medical Officer

When it comes down to it, a valuable member experience during our Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA) is one where the member feels seen, heard, and understood. In other words, the member feels safe enough to share with the visiting clinician whatever is going on with their health and life circumstances that may be impacting their overall well-being.

According to our dedicated network of clinicians living in member communities across the country, it takes genuine empathy in every situation to ensure members have the meaningful healthcare experience they need and deserve.


Building trust to establish meaningful member engagement

The purpose of our proprietary CHA is to assess health and safety, identify and close gaps in care, and offer life-changing services that activate members to manage their own health.

But there’s more to it than just that.

Our clients tell us our unique difference is the compassionate care and conversational approach our clinicians use while conducting the clinical assessments. Read more on what our clinicians are saying by clicking here.

This approach establishes the trust that encourages members to feel comfortable enough to have us in their home and openly ask questions and talk about their health concerns, so that we can get them the best care possible and potentially uncover serious health conditions at the same time.


Convenience is key to uncovering member health insights

It takes insight and action to ensure a positive member experience. But you need to meet members where they are – in their homes and in their health journeys.

We can complement the work of primary care providers (PCPs), by spending more time in member homes and gaining a unique perspective – a CHA visit offers the chance for our clinicians to take anywhere from 45-60 minutes to get a far better picture of the overall health and safety of members than is likely in a doctor’s office setting alone. For members who don’t have an existing PCP, we connect them to their health plan provider who can assist in getting one assigned.

In addition to seeing what members’ real support systems look like, our clinicians thoroughly review current health, medical history, medication adherence, physical environment, social determinants of health (SDOHs), and other risk factors to provide important member health insights.

Redefining compassionate, comprehensive care to enhance health impact

The in-depth patient health information gathered during a CHA helps ensure our clients have clear insight into the challenges and needs their members are facing and that are affecting their ability to live healthier, more fulfilled lives.

For every member we meet, there is always an opportunity to do something that will make a difference. And providing genuine empathy with effective healthcare delivery truly improves health outcomes and positively impacts lives.


From a Patient in Arizona:

“I was having one of the most down days because I was bed-bound. You walked in, and I never knew when the assessment began and when it ended because you were so friendly and kind to me. It was as if a friend had entered my home. You made my whole world change because of the sunshine you brought into my world. I wish I could hug you and thank you a million times for all you have done for me! You are always welcome in my home. What a pleasure to get help from a company that is so wonderful, kind, and caring. I believe everyone should have a Matrix visit. Thank you for your excellent care.”


Learn more about our Comprehensive Health Assessments here.

Celebrating Safe + Sound Week

Celebrating Safe + Sound Week

How Certified Athletic Trainers are Changing Workplace Health and Keeping Employers and Employees at the top of Their Game

It is Safe + Sound Week, August 15 to 21, and we want to applaud our customers who are investing in the health and wellness of their workforces with occupational health initiatives. This annual nationwide event, organized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), recognizes successful workplace health and safety programs and encourages all organizations to learn more.


A win-win for employers and employees

Occupational health programs are designed to keep workforces healthy and businesses productive. Key offerings can include everything from injury assessment and care, screenings, physical exams and therapy to workers’ compensation management, employee wellness, ergonomic evaluations, and more.

“The benefit of having these resources is you see employees experience enhanced wellbeing in their jobs and employers experience increased productivity from their workforce and a reduction in healthcare costs,” says Matrix Chief Medical Officer, Ryan Heyborne, MD, MBA, FACEP.


Worksite health and safety go hand in hand

As companies continue to recognize the work environment can also affect their employees’ chronic health conditions, and their overall comfort and capabilities as a result, addressing workplace safety is becoming an increasingly important consideration.

“The workplace is starting to be viewed as a social determinant of health. We know that individuals with chronic conditions such as depression, obesity, or diabetes have the potential for higher incidences of job-related injuries, lower productivity, and longer recovery rates,” says Dr. Heyborne. “When employers help employees identify, treat, and implement on-the-job health and safety measures that support their conditions, it improves their quality of life and helps them feel healthier, which can lead to better job satisfaction and outcomes.”


The era of the Certified Athletic Trainer

Today, emphasis is being placed on introducing upstream injury prevention programs versus downstream where companies can face costly injury treatment and case management. And one approach growing in popularity is the use of a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), who brings the mindset and methodologies used for years in sports medicine.

“An athlete with a torn hamstring wouldn’t perform at their best on the field, and the same applies for an employee in the workplace,” says Scott Zimprich, Vice President of Product Portfolio at Matrix. “Beginning to think of employees as ‘industrial athletes’ is changing the way organizations implement care in the workplace. These upstream care programs work to prevent injuries before they happen, keeping your industrial athletes safe and at the top of their game.” 

An ATC is a nationally-certified healthcare provider that specializes in injury prevention and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, more than 70 percent of athletic trainers hold at least a master’s degree, and athletic training students are educated to provide care in prevention, clinical evaluation and diagnosis, immediate and emergency care, treatment and rehabilitation, and organization and professional health and wellbeing1.

“Like an athletic trainer on the field, ATCs can be right on the warehouse floor building relationships and offering work readiness training, such as proper stretching and lifting techniques,” says Zimprich.

In one survey2, after engaging an onsite ATC, employers reported a 50 percent decrease in workplace injury costs, a 25 percent reduction in workers’ comp claims for MSDs, a 25 percent decrease in lost workdays, and a 100 percent favorable ROI for industrial companies. 


Matrix’s systematic and scientific approach

Matrix’s Injury Prevention Program is shifting the paradigm to reduce injury risk and maximize workplace performance with ATCs observing, coaching, and evaluating the root cause of MSDs on three levels – work design, worker, and workplace.

“When you conduct an ergonomic assessment of the job function, match it with the individual employee and their overall workplace environment and what they need to be successful, you are creating a health and wellness culture that better prepares employees for their jobs,” Dr. Heyborne says. “This method incites a level of employee engagement that encourages early reporting to get ahead of any health or safety issues, and by reducing work-related illness and injury, you’re improving the health of your workforce.”

In addition to injury prevention, Matrix serves organizations across the country by delivering comprehensive worksite health services and occupational health programs. To learn more about creating healthier workplaces during Safe + Sound Week, contact our team.



1 – National Athletic Trainers’ Association,
2 – Hall, Craig. “Certified Athletic Trainers Deliver ROI in Occupational Work Settings.

Nurse Practitioners Celebrating Ten Years with Matrix Medical Network In 2020

Nurse Practitioners Celebrating Ten Years with Matrix Medical Network In 2020

Throughout the annual National Nurse Practitioner Week, we recognize and salute the contributions of our very own nurse practitioners and the impact they have on the individuals they serve. As part of our celebration, some of our tenured nurse practitioners look back on their ten years with Matrix and reflect on some special memories and their profession in the stories shared below.

[Infographic] Nurse Practitioner Week 2020

[Infographic] Nurse Practitioner Week 2020

Nurse practitioners are celebrated this week, Nov. 8-14, 2020, in recognition of their exceptional professional accomplishments. They are skilled in delivering primary care or care in a variety of specialty services to diverse populations in the home, on mobile health clinics, in the workplace and in medical facilities. This year they have been frontline in treating individuals and addressing the challenges related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. View the statistics about nurse practitioners and the impact they have on the healthcare system.

Matrix Medical Network Salutes Frontline Caregivers During Extended Nurses Month

Matrix Medical Network Salutes Frontline Caregivers During Extended Nurses Month

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, recognizing selfless contributions of nurses is more important than ever

The American Nursing Association recently extended the traditional National Nurses Week to a month of recognition in May to provide the opportunity to continue to elevate the nursing profession. While Nurses Week is always a cause for celebration of healthcare’s frontline caregivers, this year it has taken on special meaning during the extended month long recognition. It is taking place while the U.S. is deep in the throes of battling the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, which is having a devastating health and economic toll on the country.

“Nurses hold a wonderful contradiction: to be able to walk alongside another person during their moments of vulnerability requires a special type of selflessness and strength,” said Keith Henthorne, Chairman and CEO of Matrix. “Our nurses demonstrate this selflessness and strength daily, but especially during this COVID-19 crisis. The bravery, commitment and willingness to be on the front line of care is to be admired and celebrated.”

In normal times, Matrix’s extensive network of nurses visit patients in their homes or neighborhoods to deliver a breadth of high-quality clinical services to many who may be otherwise disconnected from the healthcare system. Matrix nurses also expend a great deal of their effort on patient activation to ensure health plan members become and remain engaged in their own care.

Since social distancing requirements have caused Matrix to reduce the number of face-to-face contacts its nurses are making to help flatten the curve on the spread of COVID-19, they are expanding their use of telehealth to ensure member needs are met without the risks inherent in direct contact.

Another way Matrix is addressing the pandemic and helping re-open the economy is by deploying its fleet of mobile clinics to help protect employees and create additional healthcare access to those working at essential distribution centers and food manufacturing facilities like Tyson Foods. Once again, Matrix’s nurses are on the front lines to provide an extra benefit that can bring peace-of-mind to employees as they return to work.

“There has been so much well-deserved focus on the extraordinary contributions of nurses during this pandemic,” Henthorne said. “I would like to recognize all nurses and I want you to know we are grateful for everything you do to make a difference in the lives of others and for your faithful and diligent service.”

Nurses rarely receive the credit they deserve for all they do. This year COVID-19 has made them more visible, but in reality, they are doing the same things they do every day of every year. We encourage everyone to take a few moments to think about their contributions, send them a note, write an encouraging post on social media, and generally give a shout-out to all the nurses who make the American healthcare system work.

If you are interested in a career opportunity with Matrix, click here.


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Matrix Featured as an Active Employer During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Matrix Featured as an Active Employer During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Matrix Medical Network joins Glassdoor’s list of 33 companies eager to hire amid COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic many people may find themselves in difficult situations, especially in the workplace as the coronavirus disrupts the American economy. Despite this uncertainty, Matrix Medical Network continues its commitment to reaching health plan members across the country and was recently featured by Glassdoor as one of 33 companies eager to hire amid COVID-19.

The article, which features Matrix among hospitals, health care services and additional organizations that are actively hiring, highlights several open positions at Matrix for nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical coders, contact center representatives and many more career fields across the country.

Now more than ever, Matrix is dedicated to serving vulnerable populations, including older Americans and those with chronic conditions who are at the highest risk of suffering severe illness and who are often the most difficult health plan members to reach.

Matrix providers are uniquely positioned to make an impact on these populations by meeting them in the safety and comfort of their homes where clinicians are then able to provide valuable care, education and resources. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, these in-home visits serve not only to inform of best practices and CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of the virus, but also eliminate the need for members to leave their home and enter high-contagion areas.

By continuing to expand its network of 3,000+ nurse practitioners in the field and additional corporate and clinical support staff in Scottsdale, Arizona and Largo, Florida, Matrix continues its commitment to bringing care directly to members where they live.

Learn more about the innovative and collaborative work culture you can discover at Matrix by visiting our careers page or view our open positions across the country.

A Healthy Heart for the Rest of Your Life

A Healthy Heart for the Rest of Your Life

Michelle, a Matrix Nurse Practitioner, recently shared her personal experience with a heart health story and the ways to promote a healthy heart:

My grandmother of 98 years asked that I accompany her to a results visit with her Primary Care Physician (PCP) since I was “almost a doctor” and could help her understand anything if needed. For the record, I am a Matrix Nurse Practitioner and I gladly consented.

We were having a fun conversation when the PCP entered and warmly greeted us as if we were family. He reviewed the results of her lab-work, and then discussed decreasing the dosage on a few medications as she was doing so well.

He discussed continuing her current diet and encouraged her daily walk to the mailbox and back…about 1/4 mile round trip.

He asked if she had questions and spent a few minutes asking about family. He shook her hand and said, “You are such a wonderful person, and have the softest heart I know.”

When we got into the car, she looked angry which is unusual for my grandmother. I asked her what was wrong and she said, “I don’t have a soft heart! My heart is strong as an ox. I don’t think he is a nice doctor to wait until the end of the visit to tell me that!”

I looked at her and said, “He meant that you have a soft spot in your heart for your family, friends and life. He said you were a wonderful person and he meant it.”

She smiled and exclaimed, “He is the nicest doctor I know!”

Whether in the home, mobile clinic or facility, Matrix providers get an opportunity to promote a healthy heart. This opportunity may be presented, or stated in as many different ways as there are providers, but let me leave you with the following:

Help yourself to as much education as you can get. Know what your numbers are, and should be, for your BP, Weight, A1C, and Cholesterol for starters.

Eat a balanced meal that includes a protein, vegetable, starch and carbohydrate. Moderation is key. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day!

Activity should be a part of your daily routine. Start with what you can do, and then do what you can do every day.

Rest and Relax are the hardest to do but most important to plan into your life.

Take time for yourself, family and friends. Share your “soft heart.”