Matrix Medical Network Achieves Highest Level of Credentialing and Re-Credentialing from NCQA

Matrix Medical Network Achieves Highest Level of Credentialing and Re-Credentialing from NCQA

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 9, 2023 – Matrix Medical Network (Matrix), a clinical leader in supporting the needs of at-risk populations, has achieved the highest level for credentialing and re-credentialing from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Most notably, Matrix achieved a 100 percent score across various rigorous assessments of its processes. As a result, Matrix received the much-coveted three-year accreditation, which is effective through August 2026.  This accomplishment allows Matrix health plan clients to continue to fully delegate their credentialing responsibilities to Matrix. Additionally, it eliminates their need to provide credentialing oversight for the Matrix nurse practitioners who care for their members.

“Achieving NCQA recertification is a significant achievement for Matrix. It validates that our credentialing processes meet or exceed the industry’s highest quality standards.” said Catherine J. Tabaka, Matrix CEO. “The NCQA seal is widely recognized and accepted across the industry. It gives our health plan partners confidence in the services we provide to their members and confirms our unwavering commitment to excellence in everything we do.”

Credentialing and re-credentialing is an essential safety component of the healthcare system that is required by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Matrix reviews and verifies every clinician’s training, experience, practice history, and license. This process, known as credentialing, is completed initially when a clinician is hired, and then at regular intervals thereafter. NCQA’s Credentialing/Re-credentialing program evaluates organizations that help health plans ensure providers have proper credentials.

Partnering with a clinical services organization that can ensure the availability of credentialed clinicians is vital to protecting entire populations from acute and chronic issues, while also reducing costs and legal exposure. Matrix has an established network of clinicians across the country and credentials just under 200 clinicians each month. As a part of the ongoing certification process, NCQA will audit Matrix triennially. NCQA’s Credentialing Accreditation focuses on consumer protection and customer service improvement, providing a framework for organizations to implement industry best practices that help them accurately and efficiently credential and re-credential healthcare professionals.

NCQA is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving healthcare quality. NCQA accredits and certifies a wide range of healthcare organizations. It also recognizes clinicians and practices in key areas of performance. NCQA’s Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) is the most widely used performance measurement tool in healthcare. NCQA’s website ( contains information to help consumers, employers, and others make more informed healthcare choices.


About Matrix Medical Network

Matrix Medical Network has provided expert care and health services to millions of at-risk individuals where they live for more than 20 years. The organization’s network of approximately 4,000 clinicians meets individuals wherever they are to assess their health and safety, identify and close care gaps, and offer life-changing services that activate them to manage their own health.


*Matrix Medical Network is the registered trademark of Community Care Health Network, LLC.

Matrix Announces Sale of Laboratory Service Line to Karrington Clinical Laboratory

Matrix Announces Sale of Laboratory Service Line to Karrington Clinical Laboratory

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. and FULTON, Md., Jan. 4, 2023 — Matrix Medical Network® (Matrix) and Karrington Clinical Laboratory, LLC (Karrington) today announced the sale of the Matrix Clinical Laboratory to Karrington, an organization with medical leadership and highly complex laboratory testing experience spanning more than two decades. The transition of ownership of the laboratory is a part of the overall strategy Matrix announced in 2022 to refocus its portfolio of services on in-home health and care assessments.

The transaction will provide Karrington an established CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory dedicated to delivering clinical diagnostics tests. The expanded laboratory will allow Karrington to focus on the continued growth of the lab, develop new and improved molecular diagnostic testing and laboratory processes, and expand its testing menu using its minimally invasive phlebotomy technology.

“At the onset of the pandemic Matrix swiftly pivoted and established new service lines, including a clinical laboratory, to deliver safe and expedient diagnostic testing services to our clients. We are incredibly proud of the work the laboratory team accomplished,” said Catherine J. Tabaka, Matrix Chief Executive Officer. “The healthcare industry continues to rapidly evolve, shifting client expectations and creating new competitive opportunities. Going forward, on behalf of its clients, Matrix will dedicate resources to strengthen its capabilities to deliver on our ambition to improve the health and life of those who need it most by bringing health and care directly to them in-home .”

Dr. Henry Bell will continue to lead Karrington in the role of Medical Director with a focus on bringing the medical community unique testing capabilities. Mark Parks will serve as the Chief Visionary Officer, bringing vast experience in the logistics industry and a goal of streamlining Karrington’s operations while meeting client needs and timelines.

“We are very excited to build on our more than twenty years of experience with expanded clinical diagnostic tests in the newly acquired CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory,” said Mark Parks, Karrington Chief Visionary Officer. “The newly expanded leadership team will keep our core operating principle: early detection – better health at the center of all we do. We will continue to provide the high-quality service we always have while growing our business with additional testing services.”

About Matrix Medical Network

Matrix Medical Network has provided expert care and health services to millions of at-risk individuals where they live for more than 20 years. The organization’s network of approximately 4,000 clinicians meets individuals wherever they are, to assess their health and safety, identify and close care gaps, and offer life-changing services that activate them to manage their own health.

*Matrix Medical Network is the registered trademark of Community Care Health Network, LLC.

Helping save lives with at-home diagnostics

Stories of Wellness Inspired by a Comprehensive Health Assessment: Helping save lives with at-home diagnostics

We are often told what makes Matrix different is our compassionate care and conversational approach. It is what we strive to offer but it is also who our clinicians are – down-to-earth and passionate about helping people maintain their health and wellness.

And so part of what our clinicians appreciate when conducting Matrix’s Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA), is it affords them the time in private home environments to give members the undivided attention they deserve to discuss their health and address any social determinants of health (SDOH) factors that may be impacting their quality of life.

 One of our nurse practitioners (NP) conducted a CHA for a health plan member who said she hadn’t been feeling well for about a year. She had been experiencing lower leg discomfort and pain, but nothing had been discovered or diagnosed during routine check-ups.

Based on her symptoms, in addition to conducting the overall CHA health and safety review, the NP decided to also administer Matrix’s at-home PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease) test. The test results, which come back immediately, revealed the member did in fact have a diagnosis of PAD. PAD is a leading cause of amputations and individuals with the condition experience a decrease in quality of life due to the severe leg pain it causes. However, by identifying the disease, treatment can start, and long-term complications can potentially be prevented.

The NP facilitated a follow-up discussion between the member and her PCP, and from there she was referred for vascular surgery. Soon after, she had bilateral lower extremity stents placed.

The health plan member shared: “That young man saved my life. I am feeling much better and am happy that I agreed to have a wellness visit.”

The Matrix nurse practitioner shared: “After completing well over five thousand CHA visits within the past ten years, this visit gave me such a warm affirmation that we are saving lives!”

During a CHA, our clinicians review members’ health and safety and identify and close care gaps. In 2021, over 16,000 CHA visits required urgent escalation to the member’s PCP. We are grateful for our clinicians located across the country doing what they do with kindness and expertise. Wellness visits are invaluable, particularly for preventive care.” – Ryan Heyborne, MD, MBA, FACEP, Matrix Chief Medical Officer.

Helping Members Stay Connected to Their PCPs for Better Health

The Importance of Healthcare System Collaboration: Helping Members Stay Connected to Their PCPs for Better Health

By Ryan Heyborne, MD, MBA, FACEP, Matrix Chief Medical Officer

During our Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA), we review members’ health and safety and help identify and close care gaps to ensure they continue to get the best care possible based on their needs.

However, another important goal of the CHA is to empower members to proactively manage their own health, and in doing so, maintain a consistent relationship with a primary care provider (PCP).

What we tell the members we serve is that our CHA does not replace the relationships they have with the trusted medical professionals in their life. It augments them by providing access to an extra health check in – in the comfort of their home.


Ensuring continuum of care through collaboration

The CHA is an annual in-depth, in-home visit made available to members by their health plans. It serves as a conduit between PCP appointments to help ensure members are maintaining their best health and any ongoing support they need is being addressed. For our clinicians, this can range from identifying a serious health condition that needs immediate attention to simply offering recommendations to community resources.

For many urgent unmet needs or elevated test results, we call the PCP, so they have the information to follow-up with the member accordingly. When the CHA visit is complete, we send a health status report to both the health plan provider and PCP. And, for members that don’t have a PCP, we make a care management referral and collaborate with their insurance provider to ensure one is established in their area.


Educating members on the value of health maintenance

Offering a more personal in-home health visit is another opportunity to educate members on the importance of taking care of their health and reminds and motivates them to stay connected with their PCPs. And we are seeing they do.

Based on a recent evaluation Matrix conducted, after receiving a CHA, 48 percent of members followed up with a PCP visit within 30 days, 68 percent within 60 days, 78 percent within 90 days, and 84 percent within 120 days. And, of the members who responded to our customer satisfaction survey to date, 96 percent replied “yes” when asked: “Was the visit of overall benefit to you?”.


Providing in-home health points members back to their PCPs

Members often say to us: I have great care, but I really appreciate your second set of eyes.

On behalf of the PCPs responsible for ensuring members stay in their best health and have access to the right care, our clinicians visit members in their homes, sit in their living rooms, and not only evaluate their health and safety but reinforce how much it matters.

It’s a collaborative relationship critical to every member’s health journey.

Learn more about Matrix’s Comprehensive Health Assessments.

Giving members the experience they deserve: empathy and trust

Giving members the experience they deserve: empathy and trust

By Ryan Heyborne, MD, MBA, FACEP, Matrix Chief Medical Officer

When it comes down to it, a valuable member experience during our Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA) is one where the member feels seen, heard, and understood. In other words, the member feels safe enough to share with the visiting clinician whatever is going on with their health and life circumstances that may be impacting their overall well-being.

According to our dedicated network of clinicians living in member communities across the country, it takes genuine empathy in every situation to ensure members have the meaningful healthcare experience they need and deserve.


Building trust to establish meaningful member engagement

The purpose of our proprietary CHA is to assess health and safety, identify and close gaps in care, and offer life-changing services that activate members to manage their own health.

But there’s more to it than just that.

Our clients tell us our unique difference is the compassionate care and conversational approach our clinicians use while conducting the clinical assessments. Read more on what our clinicians are saying by clicking here.

This approach establishes the trust that encourages members to feel comfortable enough to have us in their home and openly ask questions and talk about their health concerns, so that we can get them the best care possible and potentially uncover serious health conditions at the same time.


Convenience is key to uncovering member health insights

It takes insight and action to ensure a positive member experience. But you need to meet members where they are – in their homes and in their health journeys.

We can complement the work of primary care providers (PCPs), by spending more time in member homes and gaining a unique perspective – a CHA visit offers the chance for our clinicians to take anywhere from 45-60 minutes to get a far better picture of the overall health and safety of members than is likely in a doctor’s office setting alone. For members who don’t have an existing PCP, we connect them to their health plan provider who can assist in getting one assigned.

In addition to seeing what members’ real support systems look like, our clinicians thoroughly review current health, medical history, medication adherence, physical environment, social determinants of health (SDOHs), and other risk factors to provide important member health insights.

Redefining compassionate, comprehensive care to enhance health impact

The in-depth patient health information gathered during a CHA helps ensure our clients have clear insight into the challenges and needs their members are facing and that are affecting their ability to live healthier, more fulfilled lives.

For every member we meet, there is always an opportunity to do something that will make a difference. And providing genuine empathy with effective healthcare delivery truly improves health outcomes and positively impacts lives.


From a Patient in Arizona:

“I was having one of the most down days because I was bed-bound. You walked in, and I never knew when the assessment began and when it ended because you were so friendly and kind to me. It was as if a friend had entered my home. You made my whole world change because of the sunshine you brought into my world. I wish I could hug you and thank you a million times for all you have done for me! You are always welcome in my home. What a pleasure to get help from a company that is so wonderful, kind, and caring. I believe everyone should have a Matrix visit. Thank you for your excellent care.”


Learn more about our Comprehensive Health Assessments here.

Celebrating Safe + Sound Week

Celebrating Safe + Sound Week

How Certified Athletic Trainers are Changing Workplace Health and Keeping Employers and Employees at the top of Their Game

It is Safe + Sound Week, August 15 to 21, and we want to applaud our customers who are investing in the health and wellness of their workforces with occupational health initiatives. This annual nationwide event, organized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), recognizes successful workplace health and safety programs and encourages all organizations to learn more.


A win-win for employers and employees

Occupational health programs are designed to keep workforces healthy and businesses productive. Key offerings can include everything from injury assessment and care, screenings, physical exams and therapy to workers’ compensation management, employee wellness, ergonomic evaluations, and more.

“The benefit of having these resources is you see employees experience enhanced wellbeing in their jobs and employers experience increased productivity from their workforce and a reduction in healthcare costs,” says Matrix Chief Medical Officer, Ryan Heyborne, MD, MBA, FACEP.


Worksite health and safety go hand in hand

As companies continue to recognize the work environment can also affect their employees’ chronic health conditions, and their overall comfort and capabilities as a result, addressing workplace safety is becoming an increasingly important consideration.

“The workplace is starting to be viewed as a social determinant of health. We know that individuals with chronic conditions such as depression, obesity, or diabetes have the potential for higher incidences of job-related injuries, lower productivity, and longer recovery rates,” says Dr. Heyborne. “When employers help employees identify, treat, and implement on-the-job health and safety measures that support their conditions, it improves their quality of life and helps them feel healthier, which can lead to better job satisfaction and outcomes.”


The era of the Certified Athletic Trainer

Today, emphasis is being placed on introducing upstream injury prevention programs versus downstream where companies can face costly injury treatment and case management. And one approach growing in popularity is the use of a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), who brings the mindset and methodologies used for years in sports medicine.

“An athlete with a torn hamstring wouldn’t perform at their best on the field, and the same applies for an employee in the workplace,” says Scott Zimprich, Vice President of Product Portfolio at Matrix. “Beginning to think of employees as ‘industrial athletes’ is changing the way organizations implement care in the workplace. These upstream care programs work to prevent injuries before they happen, keeping your industrial athletes safe and at the top of their game.” 

An ATC is a nationally-certified healthcare provider that specializes in injury prevention and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, more than 70 percent of athletic trainers hold at least a master’s degree, and athletic training students are educated to provide care in prevention, clinical evaluation and diagnosis, immediate and emergency care, treatment and rehabilitation, and organization and professional health and wellbeing1.

“Like an athletic trainer on the field, ATCs can be right on the warehouse floor building relationships and offering work readiness training, such as proper stretching and lifting techniques,” says Zimprich.

In one survey2, after engaging an onsite ATC, employers reported a 50 percent decrease in workplace injury costs, a 25 percent reduction in workers’ comp claims for MSDs, a 25 percent decrease in lost workdays, and a 100 percent favorable ROI for industrial companies. 


Matrix’s systematic and scientific approach

Matrix’s Injury Prevention Program is shifting the paradigm to reduce injury risk and maximize workplace performance with ATCs observing, coaching, and evaluating the root cause of MSDs on three levels – work design, worker, and workplace.

“When you conduct an ergonomic assessment of the job function, match it with the individual employee and their overall workplace environment and what they need to be successful, you are creating a health and wellness culture that better prepares employees for their jobs,” Dr. Heyborne says. “This method incites a level of employee engagement that encourages early reporting to get ahead of any health or safety issues, and by reducing work-related illness and injury, you’re improving the health of your workforce.”

In addition to injury prevention, Matrix serves organizations across the country by delivering comprehensive worksite health services and occupational health programs. To learn more about creating healthier workplaces during Safe + Sound Week, contact our team.



1 – National Athletic Trainers’ Association,
2 – Hall, Craig. “Certified Athletic Trainers Deliver ROI in Occupational Work Settings.

Matrix Announces Sale of Decentralized Clinical Trials Service Line to EmVenio Research

Matrix Medical Network Announces Sale of Decentralized Clinical Trials Service Line to Emvenio Research

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. and DURHAM, N.C., Aug. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Matrix Medical Network® (Matrix) and Emvenio Research® (Emvenio) today announced the sale of the Matrix Clinical Trials service line to Emvenio, a leading decentralized clinical trials (DCT) company. The transaction will provide Emvenio with proven DCT capabilities, while allowing Matrix to focus on improving the health and wellness of health plan members, and keeping America’s workers productive and safe, through its design of custom and flexible clinical solutions. Post transaction, Emvenio will deploy additional resources, technology, and capital to continue to grow and scale its clinical trials services both domestically and internationally, making clinical research more accessible, equitable, and effective.

“At the onset of the pandemic Matrix mobilized quickly to provide decentralized clinical trial solutions in support of vaccine and therapy development for COVID-19. We leveraged our skilled clinicians, Mobile Health Clinics, and experienced leaders to adapt traditional clinical trials protocols to better reach and recruit diverse, underserved, and high-risk patients,” said Catherine J. Tabaka, Matrix Chief Executive Officer. “We are incredibly proud of the remarkable work the Matrix Clinical Trials team started during the pandemic and continued to expand upon. I am excited about this transition and look forward to watching the leaders and employees of Emvenio continue to develop and deliver decentralized clinical trial solutions that best serve those patients who most need access to new treatments.”

“The leaders of Matrix Clinical Trials showed leadership, agility, creativity, and perseverance in building a decentralized clinical trial organization from the ground up,” said Keith Henthorne, Emvenio Chief Executive Officer. “I look forward to working closely with these leaders in order to build upon this solid foundation established by Matrix and to continue making clinical trials more accessible to diverse populations throughout the world. To ensure continued access to clinical trials for the patients who need it most, many Matrix employees and leaders will be a part of the Emvenio team going forward. I am proud to be working alongside strong leaders like Dr. Daniel Castillo and Thad Wolfram, amongst others, and look forward to growing the company with them.”

About Matrix Medical Network
Matrix Medical Network has provided expert care and health services to millions of at-risk individuals where they live and work for more than 20 years. The organization’s network of approximately 4,000 clinicians meets individuals wherever they are, to assess their health and safety, identify and close care gaps, and offer life-changing services that activate them to manage their own health.

Matrix offers customizable solutions across distinct lines of business via in-home visits, telehealth, on-site support at medical facilities and businesses, and Mobile Health Clinics.

*Matrix Medical Network is the registered trademark of Community Care Health Network, LLC.

Introducing a Fully Integrated Primary Care & Occupational Health Solution

Introducing a Fully Integrated Primary Care and Occupational Health Solution

Workplace health has taken on a new meaning since the spring of 2020. As we continue to navigate the pandemic, more employers are embracing on-site and near-site health services and different care delivery solutions to protect the safety and well-being of employees, while also improving their convenient access to quality care.

To meet the growing need, Matrix Clinical Solutions and Crossover Health have collaborated to provide a joint primary care and occupational health solution. This integrated service offering combines Crossover’s Advanced Primary Health model, inclusive of primary care, physical medicine, mental health and more, with Matrix’s occupational health, urgent care, and embedded laboratory solutions. In addition, this unique collaboration offers employers a nationwide fleet of state-of-the-art mobile health clinics that offer quick and convenient quality care when and where it is needed.

Now, employers can work with a single source to meet a broad range of employee health, safety, and wellness needs, including:

  • Primary Care
  • Urgent Care
  • Mental Health
  • Occupational Health
  • Preventative Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Wellness Events
  • Virtual Care
  • Labs, Tests & Screenings

“Since the pandemic, demand has skyrocketed for services to protect employee health and well-being. The new partnership between Matrix and Crossover enables us to provide employers with a comprehensive health solution that leverages on-site clinics, virtual care, mobile units, and lab services to serve the needs of workplaces and workforces nationwide,” said Daniel Castillo, M.D., M.B.A., Matrix Chief Medical Officer and Group President.


Streamlining Workplace Health and Safety 

Industry research1 shows that employer-sponsored health services are growing in both prevalence and scope. Nine out of ten employers support worksite clinics to improve access to care, quality of care, patient satisfaction, and productivity.

Yet, it’s often challenging for employers to manage multiple health vendors to meet the diverse spectrum of employee needs, while also improving access to quality care and the convenience of care delivery. The integrated Matrix and Crossover solution offers a streamlined process by providing employers a single source to develop and implement a customized health and safety strategy.

Both Matrix and Crossover operate in all 50 states and together have more than 6,000 clinicians. We share a dedication to patient-centered care through preventative health and foundational primary care, and occupational medicine, along with deep expertise in employer-sponsored healthcare. We look forward to rolling out the new offering and working with employers to elevate workplace health and wellness.


1 Mercer: worksite health centers 2021 survey report.

Catherine J. Tabaka Named CEO of Matrix Medical Network

Catherine J. Tabaka Named CEO of Matrix Medical Network

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, July 19, 2022 — Matrix Medical Network® (Matrix) today announced the appointment of Catherine J. Tabaka as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Ms. Tabaka joined Matrix in 2021 and has served as interim CEO of the company since February of this year. For more than 20 years, Matrix has met individuals where they live and work to assess health and safety, identify and close care gaps, and offer life-changing services that empower them to better manage their own health.

Ms. Tabaka joined Matrix in June 2021 as Chief Operating Officer, bringing nearly 30 years of experience in driving commercial excellence, leading change, and executing exceptional organizational management. While serving as Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Tabaka provided strong leadership and direction that evolved Matrix’s way of operating, reinforced Matrix’s mission, and laid the groundwork for “One Matrix” culture.

After conducting an external search for a CEO the Matrix Board of Directors concluded that Ms. Tabaka is the best candidate to lead Matrix’s next chapter and the Board is confident that she will deliver on Matrix’s mission to positively impact the health and wellness of as many people as possible.

“Catherine is an accomplished healthcare executive with deep experience in driving operational, commercial, and financial performance,” said Brian Morfitt, Matrix Chairman of the Board. “She has done an outstanding job partnering across Matrix to navigate leadership transitions while instilling confidence and advancing the business forward with certainty. We look forward to Catherine’s leadership as Matrix enters its next stage of growth.”

Prior to joining Matrix, Ms. Tabaka was the President and CEO of Sodexo Healthcare in North America, the largest business unit for Sodexo worldwide. She also held global portfolio and commercial leadership roles at Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc., a leading global medical technology company, and at General Electric Corporation, where she spent two decades in their financial services and healthcare divisions in North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

“It is an honor to be named CEO of an organization with such incredible potential. Our talented Matrix team will continue to progress, delivering on our mission to positively impact as many lives as we can, providing high-quality healthcare services, and improving the health of the patients and communities we serve,” said Ms. Tabaka. “Together, we will redefine operational excellence, accelerate growth, and nurture a diversified portfolio of offerings, all while continuing to provide expert care to all of the individuals and customers we serve.”


About Matrix Medical Network

Matrix Medical Network has provided expert care and health services to millions of at-risk individuals where they live and work for more than 20 years. The organization’s network of approximately 4,000 clinicians meets individuals wherever they are, to assess their health and safety, identify and close care gaps, and offer life-changing services that activate them to manage their own health.

Matrix, in partnership with its expert clinical advisory panel, offers customizable solutions across distinct lines of business via in-home visits, telehealth, on-site support at medical facilities and businesses, and mobile health clinics.

*Matrix Medical Network is the registered trademark of Community Care Health Network, LLC.


Protecting Frontline Retail Workers During the Pandemic


Protecting Frontline Retail Workers During the Pandemic

Matrix Clinical Solutions, a leader in convenient access to quality healthcare, provides mobile, urgent, and preventative care services to employees and communities, wherever they live or work.

As COVID-19 began sweeping the globe, our reliance on e-commerce escalated like never before. Suddenly, online retail became the safest – and sometimes only – way for many people to obtain essential products and services. Retail workers stepped up to meet the huge demand despite uncertainty and potential risks.

From the onset, one e-commerce giant took swift action to help keep employees protected. Initially, the company worked with smaller health networks and local pharmacies to provide testing, and later, vaccinations. But with thousands of employees working across distribution centers nationwide, the online retailer needed more agile, broad-scale support.


The Advantage of Mobile Clinics

To meet employee health needs quickly and efficiently, the retailer partnered with Matrix Clinical Solutions and our nationwide fleet of Mobile Health Clinics. It began with a pilot program in Arizona that soon expanded to 120 locations throughout the country.

Matrix clinicians administered 9,400 COVID-19 vaccinations at 275 events to company employees and family members. Each mobile clinic had the ability to serve 10 patients per hour and often our Mobile Health Clinics were able to park and provide services right outside our client’s front or back door (making it very convenient for patients to access the care they needed). We also provided increased access with 

additional employee health clinics set up inside the facilities. If a particular location or geographical region required additional support to address a surge in cases, our care teams were able to easily deploy and travel to meet the need.

“Throughout the pandemic, our partners have relied on us to provide the clinical guidance and health solutions needed to protect their workforces and business operations,” said Matrix Chief Medical Officer and Group President, Daniel Castillo, M.D., M.B.A. “These companies have committed to educating and supporting their employees. Working together, we have been able to reduce the risk of infection and keep employees safe.”

The reach of our care delivery has gone far beyond the facility floor. Employees who were informed and vaccinated helped prevent spread of the virus among friends and family members, keeping communities safer as we continued to fight the pandemic.