How Matrix partnered with a State Health Department to provide convenient access to life-saving treatments statewide


  • Over the course of the pandemic, COVID-19 cases have overwhelmed hospital emergency departments, however this state was facing a dire situation with more than 90% of its surgical and intensive care unit beds in use
  • Monoclonal antibody treatment has helped reduce illness severity, hospital admissions, and death for high-risk patients with COVID-19; treatment must be administered within 10 days of initial symptoms to be effective. While the Federal government was providing the life-saving drug, the challenge for States was to deploy it rapidly and – even more importantly – equitably.
  • People in underserved communities had limited access to care and needed timely treatment – particularly in rural regions with few providers and care facilities capable of administering the life-saving drug


Matrix, a leader in population health management, partnered with a State public health department to rapidly bring convenient access to treatment directly to underserved communities, using Mobile Health Clinics:

  • Mobilization– Matrix deployed eight Mobile Health Clinics, often moving every two weeks to serve areas of highest transmission
  • Treatment– Each mobile clinic was staffed by experienced clinicians who first administered the treatment, then observed patients for an hour to ensure their comfort and safety. Many patients felt better within 24-48 hours and continued recovering at home
  • Privacy and security– Patients received the intravenous treatment in one of three private exam rooms.

8 Mobile Health Clinics

Deployed to underserved communities across the state

18 Sites

Providing patient care and monoclonal antibody treatment

2,500 Patients

Served with quality care

“Our care teams and mobile clinics were not only bringing life-saving treatment to patients who may not otherwise have received it, we were also helping to address health disparities further exacerbated by the pandemic.”

– Daniel Castillo, M.D., M.B.A., Matrix Chief Medical Officer and Group President