Decentralized Clinical Trials: Equity for All

I had the pleasure of participating in the opening panel discussion @SCOPE last week – a dynamic discussion about the patient component of clinical trials, including the impact and value of decentralized clinical trials.

As an industry we have been focused on ensuring diversity in clinical trials for years. Through the COVID-19 pandemic this was a focus – making sure we reached underserved and difficult to reach populations. Matrix Clinical Trials worked tirelessly to bring COVID-19 vaccine and treatment trials to groups like farmworker communities, Native American reservations, urban areas, and rural communities without good access to healthcare.

Across the industry we are building from our focus on diversity to a focus on equity. This may seem like a small difference, but it represents a shift from focusing on the few to focusing on ensuring equity for all. As a community we are committed to this cause and look forward to continuing a dialogue around how we can best make this a reality and bring clinical trials to the patient.

– Thad Wolfram, President of Matrix Clinical Trials