The Matrix Way - A Closer Look

The Matrix Way - A Closer Look

From the desk of the CEO

As we enter 2024, I continue to feel honored and privileged to lead Matrix. More than ever, our passionate team of professionals is committed to advancing what we’ve become known for –  delivering personalized, whole person care wherever people call home.

For more than 20 years, Matrix Medical Network has been at the forefront of delivering the highest quality care for patients, wherever they call home. Since the Company was founded, we have partnered with regional and national health plans, and risk bearing entities, to provide the most comprehensive, evidence-based, in-home health assessments and care coordination nationwide. Together, we continue to enhance health outcomes and improve the quality of life of millions of Americans every year.

As a patient-centered, clinician-led, and quality and compliance focused organization, our eyes are always open to the transformation and innovation required to bring comprehensive health and wellbeing to everyone we touch.

  • In a resource constrained environment, our expert clinical leaders recruit the most experienced and skilled clinical care-delivery teams available. The Nurse Practitioners we employ are board certified in areas relevant to our clients’ membership demography, from acute care and family health to oncology and palliative care


  • Our onboarding process, for both new and experienced clinicians, requires participation in an extensive structured Matrix-developed clinical education program designed to advance their professional competencies. By empowering our Nurse Practitioners to practice at the top of their license, we aim to harness their expertise and insights, creating a collaborative and innovative healthcare ecosystem.


  • Our unyielding commitment to the highest compliance standards in clinical operations informs the advancements in our clinical documentation platform. It is designed to allow our providers to assess the whole person, rather than focusing the patient encounter mostly on risk adjusting conditions.


  • Our coding, governance and oversight of our care process is a 365 day a year endeavor supported by strict guidelines and compliance processes. Matrix coders have AAPC and/or AHIMA certification, and follow CMS and ICD coding guidelines. Additionally, our robust coding quality assurance programs are designed to ensure accuracy and consistency across the organization.

The outcomes we strive for align with the needs of our health plan partners, as healthcare economics continues to shift towards value-based care arrangements for providers and payers. In-home care, as a trend, is accelerating. Every year, our clinical teams enter hundreds of thousands of homes to deliver life changing, and often life-saving care.

As a company, we recognize our privilege to be trusted by millions of individuals on their journey towards better health. Personally, I am energized and humbled by the hard work and commitment of the Matrix teams. Together, we look forward to empowering more people than we ever have with support, care and education in 2024 and beyond, one visit at a time.

— Catherine