[White Paper] "The Impact of Comprehensive Health Assessments During a Pandemic"

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a radical refocus of personal health priorities. Prevention and chronic care have taken a backseat to the urgency of a looming health crisis, with many Americans choosing to postpone or forgo reoccurring appointments and annual checkups. Daily routines have been upended as a result of social distancing and stay-at-home orders leading to higher cases of loneliness, depression and anxiety. Moreover, ready access to quality care has dwindled with 8 percent of physicians having closed their practices throughout the duration of the pandemic, and 43 percent noting a reduction in medical staff. Even the number of emergency room patients has dropped between 40 and 50 percent nationwide since March 2020, signaling the heightened hesitation many feel in seeking non-COVID-related care.

For nearly 20 years, Matrix Medical Network has provided quality care through compassionate, clinical excellence, and its Comprehensive Health Assessment (“CHA”) program is a living embodiment of that mission. CHAs provide an opportunity for higher-risk members to be identified for care management or disease intervention through personalized, in-home consultations with a licensed practitioner.


View or download our white paper to discover key insights including:

  • Beneficiaries’ attitudes toward scheduling medical services during COVID
  • How Matrix monitors social determinants of health to drive health outcomes
  • The impact of comprehensive health assessments conducted virtually and in-home

"The Impact of Comprehensive Health Assessments During a Pandemic"