Matrix Featured as an Active Employer During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Matrix Medical Network joins Glassdoor’s list of 33 companies eager to hire amid COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic many people may find themselves in difficult situations, especially in the workplace as the coronavirus disrupts the American economy. Despite this uncertainty, Matrix Medical Network continues its commitment to reaching health plan members across the country and was recently featured by Glassdoor as one of 33 companies eager to hire amid COVID-19.

The article, which features Matrix among hospitals, health care services and additional organizations that are actively hiring, highlights several open positions at Matrix for nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical coders, contact center representatives and many more career fields across the country.

Now more than ever, Matrix is dedicated to serving vulnerable populations, including older Americans and those with chronic conditions who are at the highest risk of suffering severe illness and who are often the most difficult health plan members to reach.

Matrix providers are uniquely positioned to make an impact on these populations by meeting them in the safety and comfort of their homes where clinicians are then able to provide valuable care, education and resources. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, these in-home visits serve not only to inform of best practices and CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of the virus, but also eliminate the need for members to leave their home and enter high-contagion areas.

By continuing to expand its network of 3,000+ nurse practitioners in the field and additional corporate and clinical support staff in Scottsdale, Arizona and Largo, Florida, Matrix continues its commitment to bringing care directly to members where they live.

Learn more about the innovative and collaborative work culture you can discover at Matrix by visiting our careers page or view our open positions across the country.