Protecting Frontline Retail Workers During the Pandemic

Matrix Clinical Solutions, a leader in convenient access to quality healthcare, provides mobile, urgent, and preventative care services to employees and communities, wherever they live or work.

As COVID-19 began sweeping the globe, our reliance on e-commerce escalated like never before. Suddenly, online retail became the safest – and sometimes only – way for many people to obtain essential products and services. Retail workers stepped up to meet the huge demand despite uncertainty and potential risks.

From the onset, one e-commerce giant took swift action to help keep employees protected. Initially, the company worked with smaller health networks and local pharmacies to provide testing, and later, vaccinations. But with thousands of employees working across distribution centers nationwide, the online retailer needed more agile, broad-scale support.


The Advantage of Mobile Clinics

To meet employee health needs quickly and efficiently, the retailer partnered with Matrix Clinical Solutions and our nationwide fleet of Mobile Health Clinics. It began with a pilot program in Arizona that soon expanded to 120 locations throughout the country.

Matrix clinicians administered 9,400 COVID-19 vaccinations at 275 events to company employees and family members. Each mobile clinic had the ability to serve 10 patients per hour and often our Mobile Health Clinics were able to park and provide services right outside our client’s front or back door (making it very convenient for patients to access the care they needed). We also provided increased access with 

additional employee health clinics set up inside the facilities. If a particular location or geographical region required additional support to address a surge in cases, our care teams were able to easily deploy and travel to meet the need.

“Throughout the pandemic, our partners have relied on us to provide the clinical guidance and health solutions needed to protect their workforces and business operations,” said Matrix Chief Medical Officer and Group President, Daniel Castillo, M.D., M.B.A. “These companies have committed to educating and supporting their employees. Working together, we have been able to reduce the risk of infection and keep employees safe.”

The reach of our care delivery has gone far beyond the facility floor. Employees who were informed and vaccinated helped prevent spread of the virus among friends and family members, keeping communities safer as we continued to fight the pandemic.