Our Focus on Delivering a Patient-Centric Solution to Recruit and Retain Hard-to-Reach Populations

Patient recruitment and retention in rare diseases can be particularly challenging due to widely distributed and hard-to-find patient populations, the burden of participating in a trial, and skepticism of the health care system overall. These challenges are often exacerbated by lengthy journeys to diagnosis or repeated failed clinical trials. Matrix Clinical Trials and the PPD clinical research business of Thermo Fisher Scientific work closely together to provide flexible and rapidly executed decentralized clinical trial solutions to address these issues.

Recently a subject in a biopharmaceutical company’s clinical trial investigating a rare disease expressed frustration following an in-home trial visit. His bloodwork was not viable for use in the trial and needed to be repeated, but the individual felt uncomfortable with another in-home visit – and was at risk of not continuing in the trial. By activating a Mobile Health Clinic and study staff close to the subject’s home, he was comfortable with the solution and continued the trial.

Click here to read more about how providing a mobile site close to the subject put the trial subject at ease and avoided a potential dropout in a patient population that is challenging to recruit and retain.

– Kellie Matusofsky, Senior Director, Clinical Trial Operations