What our valued Matrix clinicians have to say…

"I love providing education to members where they are comfortable and in a way that they can understand. I love working for Matrix because I believe that I have adequate amounts of time to do what I love and feel like I am making a difference with each visit." -Kimberly M.

"I love being able to meet members of my community who I may not otherwise know. It's a gift to know them and be able to give them valuable information regarding their health conditions and health promotion. I'm told daily that they had no idea how important their medications were to maintain their health until I was able to spend time and simplify concepts regarding their well-being. I feel that I have given them time, education, and the ability to take control of their health conditions. It's truly a more personalized medical visit." - Allie W.

"I love visiting members in their own homes. We get to see struggles that they may never share with PCPs in the office - issues with affording medication, caregivers being overwhelmed, unstable living conditions, members not understanding health conditions or the purpose behind the medication they take. We are in a unique position to help the patient, PCP, and health plans work together to do what's best for each member." - Stacey A.

“My purpose as a NP with Matrix is to make a difference in the lives of the members that I see. I do this by giving members education on preventive health maintenance, providing detailed medication reviews, and answering any questions that they may have regarding their health. These members also make a difference in my life with their stories and experiences." - Kate D.

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